Welcome to Pack 130

We think our Pack is special. And it is. Pack 130 is a diverse group with one goal: To teach our sons to have fun while learning something new.  A little healthy respect for God and country is thrown in for good measure. If you are a parent who has been involved in scouting in the past, then you know the drill. If you are new, then read on.

If you want your son to have some fun, excitement, outdoor opportunities, and a chance to participate in a program in which he does not always have to win--instead, he learns to “Do your best” and to help others--then we have just the program for you. Each Cub Scout learns to respect his family, home, country, and other people.

The program also helps the Cubs learn how to get along with others through group activities; develop new mental skills; develop personal independence; and learn to make values-based decisions that will assist them throughout their lives.

Cub Scouts is designed to support and encourage quality family involvement for boys in First through Fifth Grades.